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Hamburger Press Review of the My Burger Daddy

With all the horrible information on hazardous chemicals being contributed to fastfood burgers, the concept of making your very own variation of a burger in your home is more attractive and mouth-watering. Kids, nonetheless, can be really fussy when it comes to their food which, in turn, makes the production of a juicy perfectly-rounded shape and tasty hamburger patty difficulty. Specialists continually state that the very best burger patties should have consistency in taste, size and shape. You cannot just put everything together on a grill. To resolve this predicament, innovative producers like Univex, Weston, My Hamburger Daddy, and numerous even more developed hamburger presses to make burger patty production more convenient and much easier to use. But with the number of brand names available in the market, the concern is: Who makes the very best hamburger press?

Exactly what is a Hamburger Press?

A hamburger press is a home appliance that helps restaurants, delis, coffee shops, and homes in developing perfectly uniformed burgers in shape, size, and density. Some brand names also allow forming of patties which are sealed in cling-form plastic or paper wrapper thus making it much easier to press (and freeze) numerous batches of patties at one time.

Elements to Consider:.

It is vital to know exactly what type of burger press you need before you respond to the concern: Who makes the finest hamburger press?

 Size, Shape and Density:.

The Univex 1405 and My Burger Daddy 1105 hamburger press comes with a basic 5-inch size barrel and can make a "quarter-pounder" easily. If you like bigger ones, there are likewise one-half to one-pound patty presses offered on the market today.

Volume of Work:.

If you are one who enjoys to host weekend get-togethers with the whole clan right at your backyard, or contemplate on starting a deli, hamburger joint or catering company, you may want to consider buying one that can produce large batches of burger patties at the very same time. Many patty presses offered in the market make a single patty at a time.

Material Made use of:.

A lot of hamburger presses are made from aluminum, steel and plastic. Plastic ones are simpler to clean however can also be prone to frequent wear-and-tear. Quality commercial burger presses are frequently made of aluminum or steel. There are brands that have non-stick qualities and are also machine-washable. Some brand names likewise offer wax paper or plastic wraps to avoid patties from sticking together when pushing. Depending upon your need the best ones are made from metal which makes them really resilient and long-term.


Of course, plastic ones are the easiest to keep however can likewise be vulnerable to wear and tear. Single burger presses such as the Your Burger Daddy 1105 are also simpler to store on kitchen cupboards. For double presses and commercially designed ones, a large amount of kitchen area is generally needed for storage.

The Verdict.

When choosing a hamburger press, rate constantly plays a significant duty due to budget plan restrictions. You require to bear in mind though that costly products do not constantly equate to high quality, or inexpensive ones for low quality. There are brand names out there that are fairly low-cost yet can last a long period of time when used effectively. Size of patty, functionality, product liked, and volume of patty-work required have to be taken into consideration when picking one. Who makes the finest hamburger press? In all its essence, it is the brand name that should not just be practical and inexpensive, but likewise addresses all your choices. The My Hamburger Daddy 1105 definitely meets most restaurants' requirements. They are reasonably pricey.